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Site Intentions/Goals

I will start out by saying that this site originally was (and still is...) designed for my wonderful honors physics students where I did my student teaching internship at.  It slowly evolved into encompassing not only the courses I taught at my Student Teaching Internship, but also the courses I will subsequently teach at the University I am currently attending - Rutgers University-Graduate Student Education Program (if you're wondering what courses they are just look at the Main Page!).  I noticed I needed a Site that would be more Universal in nature, more encompassing.   So here it is.  I will outline my thoughts for the original design of this site and additionally include information about me, the Webmaster (see the next heading).



My goal for this project was for students to reinforce their knowledge of the concepts through a research project.  The project is outlined as follows:

   The Project is categorized into the following:

            1. Concept Write-Up

                    Students (plural) will write a detailed and graphics-oriented      paper on a particular concept that we are learning (I.e. Statics).

           2. Concept Applications

                    Students (plural) will write a detailed and graphics-oriented paper on how this concept that we are learning is/can be applied to the real world.  They can use any resources they would like (I.e. World Wide Web, Family, Physics Texts, Encyclopedia, THEMSELVES, etc...)

            3. Additional Relevant Websites

                    Students (plural) will search the Web for any related Web Sites, both Static and Animated (with applets, etc...), for the particular concept we are learning.


Once this is outlined, the actual process goes as follows:

   I pass around a "sign-up" sheet with five columns labeled: (1) Website Design, (2) Concept Write-Up, (3) Concept Application, (4) Relevant Websites, and (5) Concept Critique.  Students then sign up for the column that they want to participate in.  It is okay and WANTED that there be more than one student partaking in each column.  This is "research".  They need to work TOGETHER to complete this!

   Approximately 3/4 through the teaching of the concepts, I announce that the individuals that signed up for the Project can start working.  They have ONE WEEK to finish their part of the project and hand it in to me. 

   I will, after the ONE week passes collect papers and organize them.  Upon organizing them, I then distribute them to the students that signed up for the "Concept Critique" section.  They will then have ONE WEEK to analyze and critique their peers work.  They will write comments and suggestions on the papers to help make them better. 

   After the week is over, I will collect them and hand them to the individuals who signed up for the "Website Design".  They will take the documents and assemble them on a website for all to See, Study from, and share with other students.


Notes to Consider: